Terms & Conditions

Shipment Methods

We reserve the right to ship orders via FedEx, USPS or UPS. Below is a list of items that cannot ship via air. These items will be pulled from any orders shipped air and will be shipped via ground separately.

  • TFF – Fix a Flat
  • TFS – Flint Starter
  • TPS – Portable Stove
  • LCWM – Waterproof Matches
  • LCW5 – 5 in 1 Whistle
  • SWUH – Body Warmers

Order Fulfillment

All orders containing less than 10 Survival Kits are shipped out within 2-5 business days.

If there are circumstances where we do not have an item to fulfill an order, we will notify the customer by the next business day. Our supplier will either ship the products we do have and then make a second shipment for the missing items as soon as we receive them, or wait to ship the entire order together to lower the shipping charges. Please note that it is rare that this will occur but uncontrollable circumstances may cause shortages.

Production Lead Times

For large orders of survival kits, we may require a lead time. We also may require a lead time for large product orders as well.

Number of Kits   Business Days for Production
10-100   5-15
101-1000   10-45
1001+   45-60

The above figures represent estimates. If something occurs out of our control which delays the shipment, Emergenx will not be held responsible. Shipping times vary depending on the destination of the products.

International Shipping

Shipments going to Canada will have an additional customs charge not handled by Emergenx.

Methods of Payment

Orders from Emergenx can be paid for using a valid debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) in our secure payment gateway. We also accept Check or Money Order, however, we are not able to expedite the order until we receive one of these methods of payment.


Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Emergenx harmless from all claims, demands, liabilities, and obligations including reasonable attorney fees for injuries and/or death of any person and loss of or damages to property by whosoever owned products sold from direct or indirect purchases. This is in exception to claims, demands, liabilities, or obligations resulting directly from sole negligence of Emergenx.


Children are not eligible to purchase the products listed on Emergenx.com. Minors must have a parent or adult sign and assume responsibility for the ordering of products.