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Collapsible Solar Lantern


This solar-powered, collapsible lantern can also be powered with a USB cord or AA batteries.

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Always have quick access to a strong, waterproof light source when darkness falls.​

This compact and lightweight lantern can really light up your room or campsite in your time of need. With a strong 6 LED light source and hanging clips, you have many flexible options for positioning your light where you are working, eating or trying to relax. Works well in rainy or moist weather.

This lantern has all of the features you will need during your camping or emergency situation.​

One of the most important features needed in an emergency situation is the ability to keep your gear up and running with adequate power. This lantern is fully rechargeable with solar and USB power sources. Always pack an extra pack of AA batteries for extra safety just in case.

Weight 2 lbs


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